About us

It all started at the Capital Region Cars and Caffeine monthly car meet. The first show I ever went to was in Clifton Park, NY, where the meet originated. My friend Brandon had a 2011 Ford Mustang and I had a 1987 Iroc Z28 Camaro.  He told me about the car meet and said he was thinking of going. He asked me if I wanted to go too. I had nothing else going on and I wasn't going to pass up checking out some cool cars and taking mine out for a nice ride. While I was at Cars and Caffeine, I met a lot of good people and saw a bunch of really amazing cars. Like most people who like cars, I decided I would take some pictures with my cell phone and a little video. Little did I know, this would be the early start of automotive photography for me. The next Cars and Caffeine event was moved to downtown Troy. It was held at 1945 Speed and Custom on River Street. In my opinion, this was the best thing that could have happened to Cars and Caffeine. Eventually, it grew to be the best and one of the biggest meets in the capital region. Eventually, Brandon and I both bought cameras. We started taking pictures of cars at all the meets and shows.  People started contacting us and asking us to do photoshoots of their cars. Before we knew it, we were doing photoshoots every weekend. Sometimes two a day. As it got closer to winter, the car shows and photoshoots started slowing down. We contemplated what other kinds of things we could do, that was car related. We decided to start a podcast and named it after our favorite car meet. It only seemed fitting, since it's what started everything for us. The rest is history.