#7-Charles Darmanjian

On this episode Brandon and I talk to a friend of ours, Charles Darmanjian. He is the who man organizes one of the biggest car shows in the area, The Capital Region Cars and Caffeine Meet. He is also a custom car builder at 1945 Speed and Custom, plus runs his own business called ESC Fabrications.  Brandon and I talk to him about Cars and Caffeine, how it started and how it got to what it is today. We also discuss a little bit about what’s in store for the upcoming season. Charles talks a little bit about the Great Race making a stop in Troy, NY on June 24. We also discuss a few car builders and other car shows.  He talks to us about how he got into cars and doing fabrication work. He talks about his 1947 Plymouth and his Subaru WRX. He tells us a few good stories and talks about giving back. The interview was a little all over the place, but it was our first time with a guest. We had a lot of fun though and plan to have Charles back on the podcast at the end of car season. 


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