#29-Jordan Keyser and Nolan Persons

I apologize ahead of time as we had technical difficulties with my microphone a little more than half way through and I didn’t know about it until it was over. This is why my voice sounds like it’s so far away.

On this episode we had Jordan Keyser and Nolan Persons in the studio with us. They are both amazing and extremely well versed in their craft as product photographers. Jordan does shoots with people, clothing and sometimes cars, although his specialty is sneakers. Mostly Nike and Jordans, but he does other brands as well. He has also done photography for rap and hip hop artists such as Jadakiss, Gucci, Big Sean and a few others. Nolan shoots cars, people and clothing lines. He works part time for a clothing company called KITH. He has also done stuff for Adidas. Nolan has done shoots for KITH with Ray Liotta, Allen Iverson and more. From time to time Nolan also shoots concerts. Like Brandon and I they both do photography for the Cars and Caffeine meet also. This was definitely one of my favorite podcasts. We had an awesome time talking with these guys.



Check out Jordan Keyser’s photography at http://instagram.com/airjordank



Check out Nolan Persons’ photography at http://instagram.com/personsphoto


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