#13-Josh Martin From JDM Legends

On this episode Josh Martin from the T.V. show JDM Legends calls in and talks with us. The guys at JDM Legends restore and import classic JDM cars from Japan for customers.  He tells about how he got started in the automototive field. He also talks about his love for classic JDM cars. We also talk to him about how they got a t.v. show and what it’s like being on t.v. for him. Josh Martin is a very intelligent person. It blew me away the amount of knowledge he has when it comes to classic JDM cars. You can tell he loves doing what he does. I really like the concept of this show. No one else is doing anything like it. It was a pleasure talking to him and I really enjoyed it. You can check his show JDM Legends on Velocity every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern time. 

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