#1-Pilot Episode: The Introduction

This is our first attempt at making a podcast. While we were far from perfect, I think we did ok. On this episode of the podcast, Brandon and I talk about who we are and why we started the podcast.  We discuss the Cars and Caffeine car show and how we got involved with it.  We talk about our future plans for the podcast, possible guests and all the car shows we will be doing a podcast about. We also discuss our favorite car shows from last year. Including the Cars and Caffeine show, we went to quite a few. Brandon talks about going to the H20i show and how crazy it was. He breaks down what the show is and what it’s about. We also talk about a few other car shows we went to, including Adirondack Nationals in Lake George, NY, Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse, NY and the very small Euro show in Lake George called Nordesee. We saw thousands of cars on our journey through all the shows we went to and we touch on our favorites from them.  

We are super excited for car season coming up this year and we talk about what shows we are looking forward to and what cars we are excited about seeing again. Other things we talk about are car wrecks we have been in before and the fastest we have ever gone in a car. 

One thing we hate is feet on the dash and we explain why it’s a bad idea to put your feet on the dash of any car. 



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